Stephen Curry談紐約會面Kevin Durant:我們仍然是兄弟

Kevin Durant在休賽期宣布加盟籃網和Kyrie Irving。早前報導過,在結束了UA中國行後Stephen Curry準備直接前往紐約會見Kevin Durant進行招募,然而他在飛機上已經得知了KD的決定,雖然如此他還是繼續行程去到了紐約和KD表達感謝
上週Stephen Curry在參與美國世紀冠軍名人高爾夫錦標賽 (American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament) 時接受了NBC記者Chris Simms的訪問,並提及了紐約會面事件:

Chris Simms :“告訴我實話吧。因為如果我要坐飛機從上海到紐約的話,我知道我會感到生氣。”

Stephen Curry:“這就是為什麼我說事情變得有點傾向肥皂劇化了,這其實根本沒什麼大不了的……在空中飛15小時確實很漫長,但是再說一次——自由市場是瘋狂的。”

Chris Simms:“也有一說是你其實是下了飛機才知道這個消息的,這是真的嗎?你是否知道了他決定加盟籃網的決定?”

Stephen Curry:"所有事情都以它所應該發生的方式發生了。這就是我在與他見面時告訴他的——每個人都在挑我們的刺,嘗試去拆散我們,這有點把我們過去三年裡所取得的成就的價值降低了。"


引用Simms: "Give me the real, because I know I'd be pissed if I had to take a flight from Shanghai to New York..."

Curry: "That's where I say it gets a little soap opera-ish where it's not that big a deal ... 15 hours is a long time in the air, but again -- free agency is crazy."

Simms: "Is it true, like you literally found out going down in the plane -- did you find out that he had made the decision to go with the Nets?"

Curry: "It all happened the way it was supposed to happen. That's what I told him when I met with him -- everybody is going and try and nitpick and break us down, kind of devalue what we accomplished the last three years.

"Can't really play into that. We did some special stuff. He's moving on. We're still gonna be brothers."



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