Klay Thompson有信心可以打到40歲?Klay爸說出重點!

Klay Thompson在2018年曾表示自己希望待在勇士直至退役。他的父親Mychal Thompson最近表示他相信Klay的籃球壽命可以持續到40歲。
引用Mychal Thompson最近接受NBC Sports Bay Area訪問時表示他曾經對Klay說:「如果你真的想的話,你可以打到40歲,但關鍵是要照顧好自己的身體,因為你快要踏入30歲了。」

“I said, if you really want to, you can play till you're 40 years of age, but the key to that is you have to take care of your body, as you go into your 30s,” Mychal said, recounting to NBC Sports Bay Area a conversation he had with Klay.

Klay Thompson在今年2月就滿31歲了。他在2019年的NBA總決賽中遭遇了左膝前十字韌帶斷裂。今年在開始本賽季前的勇士隊訓練營中遭遇了右腳跟腱撕裂。這些傷導致Klay Thompson快兩年沒打球了。

Mychal表示:「由於Klay沒有像Vince Carter或是Russell Westbrook那樣的上籃,他可以投籃,而投籃技術會永遠跟著你。」

“Since [Klay doesn’t] play above the rim like Vince Carter or Russell Westbrook, he can shoot. And shooting stays with you forever,” Mychal said.


“We would play every game, no rest, no load management, and then the next day we have a two-and-a-half-hour practice.” A hard practice, Mychal emphasized.

“When we go home in the afternoon, and all our wives will complain about ‘Geez, these guys come home on the couch and sleep all day!’ Because we're exhausted from practicing!”

“Like Lebron’s doing, you can extend your career out into your late 30s. And I expect Klay and Steph and Draymond to do just that, and play at a very high level, in their mid-to-late 30s,” he said.




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