Green是有暴力傾向嗎?Stephen Curry談到Draymond Green的「特殊癖好」

金州勇士隊的球星Stephen Curry最近談到了Draymond Green的「特殊癖好」,稱Green需要與他人對抗以釋放體內的那頭怪物。
據NBC Sports Bay Area的Drew Shiller報導:

Stephen Curry認為Draymond Green很吵,但是必需要的。他知道Green喜歡身體對抗,也很會噴垃圾話。Green是那種倘若房間內很靜大伙兒都在聽自己音樂的時候就會選擇任何一位跟他打鬥,但他認為沒有人會想跟Green打架。但儘管Stephen Curry知道沒有人會喜歡跟Green打鬥對抗,但也知道這是Green的習慣。Curry認為大家既是朋友,又是相互的訓練員,只要Green平時習慣了這種感覺,上場就會好多了。Curry喜歡這種互動,這也是自己特別喜歡Green的原因。

引用“Draymond — he’s loud but he asks for it. He wants every single confrontation. He’s amazing in that verbal warfare,” Curry said during a recent appearance on “The Rory & Carson Podcast.” “You don’t want to pick that fight. He’s the type of guy that if the room is too quiet — like in our locker room (when) we come into the arena (and) you got guys listening to their music or in their own space — he’s gonna pick a fight with one of us to get himself going.”

Curry argued it’s a necessity for the Warriors forward to get revved up enough to go full tilt against his opponents.

“He just needs it. It’s either gonna be a teammate, it’s gonna be somebody on the training staff,” added Curry. “They’re either gonna have a debate about who’s the best quarterback, or he’s gonna make fun of their outfit or something. And they’re just gonna go at it.

“So he can go out on the court and already feel that juice. That’s why I love him. I love that type of entertainment.”

相信Stephen Curry深深體會到什麼是「台上三分鐘,台下十年功」。在場上,無論是球技,垃報話的技巧或是打鬥技術都是需要平日多加訓練的。而Green所擁有的技能的訓練對象就是他的隊友,不過看來Stephen Curry已經習慣了這個擁有「特殊癖好」的隊友了。




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