Devin Booker和Chris Paul認為「他們」才是總決賽的X-Factor!

太陽隊在總決賽中以 2-0 領先公鹿隊,相信大家都認同Devin Booker和Chris Paul就是太陽至關重要的球員。然而,兩人均表示自己只是團隊的一小部分。

在太陽隊在第二場比賽中Booker狂砍31分, Chris Paul得到23分,他們將功勞轉移到隊友身上。
據籃球新聞報導,Devin Booker認為這只是團隊籃球,不僅僅是他自己,而是五個人的功勞。這都是團隊籃球,這就是為什麼我覺得他們在一年中的大部分時間裡都很成功。因為這是屬於他們所有人的光榮。每個人都很會打。即使那些已經太陽的球員也可以在任何其他球隊表現很好。他們仍然是大家繼續成長變得更好的重要部分。
引用“That’s just team basketball,” Devin Booker said of the Suns’ depth, per Basketball News. “It’s not just me, it’s 1-through-5. It’s all the collective group, it’s team basketball and that’s why I feel like we have been successful for most of the year… That’s all of us. Everybody can play. Everybody’s hoopers. Even the guys that aren’t playing [for us] can play on any other team and are still a big part of how we continue to grow, how we continue to get better.”
Chris Paul則特別強調了一個事實,就是太陽隊中有很多「真正的射手」。比如說得到 27 分的Mikal Bridges,還有Jae Crowder, Cameron Johnson和 Torrey Craig的三分12 投 7 中。他會這麼說是因為每次當大家把球傳出去的時他們總沒有讓Chris Paul失望。這就是彼此建立的信任,因為大夥兒都知道那些人有多努力。
引用“With our team, we got shooters. Like, real shooters,” Paul shared. “And I say this all the time, it’s nice when you kick it to the guy and you expect him to make it. Like, I get mad at some of these guys when they miss it. They miss it and I’m like, ‘Come on man, you don’t miss that in practice!’ And it’s different, too, when you know the work that they put in. When shootaround is over, practice is over, everybody’s still in there shooting. So, that’s the trust that you build because you know the guys put in the work.”
就NBA總決賽兩場看來,太陽隊的陣容深度比公鹿好。未來太陽隊需要面對傷兵問題。在Torrey Craig和Dario Saric的傷退下,他們是否能夠保持優勢還有待觀察,但Booker和Chris Paul的確凝聚了大家。



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