Top Ten Dunking NBA Centers of All-Time

Pro Hoops Daily presents the Top Ten Dunking Centers of All-Time. The Center position in the NBA over the years has had many players with the ability to demoralize the defender with the dunk. but every now and then a player stands out among them with an extraordinary athletic ability for their size. Pro Hoops Daily looks at the Top 10 Centers who stand out among the rest. Players that made this list have the ability the throw the ball down with Power, Style, and Ease. Tyson Chandler and Chris Birdman Anderson are extremely active around the rim and catch numerous lobs and put back dunks. Amare Stoudemire and Stromile Swift have the most style of the top 10, but are also PF/C combo players. David Robinson Throws it down with ease and has had games with as many as 13 dunks. Shaq, Dwight, and Deandre bring the power dunks and you better watch out when they prepare to take-off. Javale Mcgee makes the list with his amazing length and leaping ability and Darrell Dawkins is the old timer who brings the style and creativity that helped make the art of dunking what it is today. As always hope you enjoy.


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