Pro Hoops Daily presents the Top Ten Disrespectful Plays of All-Time

After a great play the interaction with the opponent is critical, this list consists of the greatest stare downs, trash talking, glances, pushes, etc… Pro Hoops Daily looks at the Top 10 Disrespectful plays which stand out among the rest. Players that made this list have either stepped over their opponent after a great shot or dunk (Iverson, Wade, Deandre, Pippen), stared down there opponent (Harden, Blake, Lebron), pointed at their opponent (Kemp), pushed down their opponent (Shaq), or just gloated like Birdman. The top ten plays are taken over the last 25 years with some of the plays dating back to the early 90’s with Kemp and Pippen to March of 2018. As always hope you enjoy.


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