Pat Riley: 我們需要補強一線球員 Dwyane Wade的名字出現在我面前

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終於的終於,Dwyane Wade回家了!閃電俠回到了夢開始的地方。2016年休賽期D-Wade離開熱火加盟公牛,引來邁亞密球迷對總裁Pat Riley的大肆攻擊,D-Wade也表示Pat Riley在16年夏天沒有聯繫他,這也是導致他離開的原因。
今日Pat Riley接受記者訪問,提到了閃電俠的回歸: "當其他球隊嘗試交易一些你可能有興趣的球員,一些像Dwyane這樣的名字出現在你面前。這是當你一直在交易市場上活躍時會發生的事。"

引用"when other teams are trying to trade for the same players you might be interested in, someone like Dwyane’s name might come up. It’s something that happens all the time when you’re active in the market.”
"在失去Dion之後,我們感覺需要去交易補強一名一線球員。不過對我們來說,要得到一名一線球員的代價太昂貴了。有些球隊想要在交易中得到那些我們不希望送走的年輕球員。我想Dwyane能夠從替補席出發,而Josh Richardson會頂上小前鋒位置。"

引用“Once Dion [Waiters] went down, we felt a real need to do something at that spot with a front-line player. The cost of a front-line player was too expensive for us... in terms of them asking us for our young players who we don’t want to trade. I would think Dwyane would come off the bench to start. Josh [Richardson] will be [at small forward].

“他現在還可以在進攻端做到兩件事 - 他可以攻擊籃筐,也可以在戰術中創造投籃機會。在壓力下他的能力異常強大。他的油箱裡還有很多油,絕對可以完美融入我們球隊。 Tyler Johnson一直以來都做得很好,不過在腳踝受傷後他還沒有回到之前的狀態,讓他首發可能會給他很大壓力。如果真的有甚麼改變的話,我們會回歸以前的常態。”
引用“There are two things he can still do from an offensive standpoint — he can get to the rim, he can make plays and he can make shots. He has an uncanny ability to do that when the pressure’s on him. He still has a lot left in the tank. He’s the perfect fit for our team. Tyler Johnson has done a great job. Hasn’t been the same since his ankle injury. Putting him in a starting role has been a lot for him. We will get back to somewhat of a normalcy if in fact that changes.




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