Carmelo Anthony: Chris Paul禁賽兩場是不錯的結果 曾經看過被禁賽10-15場 (他自己)

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關於湖人和火箭的鬥毆事件聯盟已經公佈了懲罰,其中火箭的Chris Paul被禁賽兩場,湖人的Rajon Rondo被禁賽三場,Brandon Ingram禁賽四場。

事後Carmelo Anthony在接受訪問時也談到了自己的看法,他本來很擔心好兄弟Chris Paul會遭到更嚴厲的判決:"說實話我有點驚訝聯盟所給出(涉事三人)的禁賽場數。這對我們還不錯,我曾經看過被禁賽10-15場的,當然我是那時候的罪魁禍首。"Anthony進一步表示:"現在NBA已經沒有事情能讓我驚訝了,CP禁賽兩場算是還不錯的結果。"

引用“I’m actually a little shocked at the number of games that they are missing,” Anthony said,

“It actually works in our favor to be honest with you,” he continued. “I have seen it go 10-15 games before – I was the culprit of that years ago. But to see CP – I don’t want to be speaking on CP – but to see CP only get two games ... I didn’t know what to expect to be honest.

“Nothing surprises me with the NBA anymore, nothing surprises me. So for him to only get two games is good.”

今日火箭在客場112:115不敵快艇,Chris Paul履行了自己的第一場停賽,甜瓜表示:"我在賽前和他聊過,他狀況不錯,而且精神好多了。沒有人願意被禁賽,我們都知道他是一位競爭者,今晚沒法上場我肯定他很失望。生活總是有很多狀況,你需要去自我調整。"

“I talked to (Chris) before the game, checking in on him to check he was good,” Anthony added. “His spirits were up, nobody wants to be suspended. I think we all know how much of a competitor he is and to be here missing this game against the Clippers after coming off a big game last night, I am sure he is disappointed. In life things happen, you got to adjust to it.”

當年Carmelo Anthony也曾經遭遇過禁賽,2006年12月,當時金塊和紐約人發生大規模鬥毆事件,最終多達10名球員被逐。其後聯盟宣佈其中7名參與鬥毆的球員需要接受停賽處分,首當其衝的正正是Carmelo Anthony,他當時被禁賽15場。




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